What is personalism?

Personalism is a view of man that is almost unknown, despite the fact that it has had a significant impact on world history. It forms the basis of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and has inspired personalities such as Martin Luther King and Desmond Tutu.

Four fundamental values of personalism

Humans are relational

We are a relational beings who need close interaction with fellow humans.

Man is dignified

Humans as unique persons who hold an inviolable freedom and dignity

Humans are engaged

Humans shape their personalities through the choices they make and the actions they carry out in life

Humans are nature and spirit

We are subject to nature, but at the same time we are spirit beings who can rise above it

Thinkers and practitioner

The persons of personalism are those who in different parts of the world have each made their contribution to the development of a personalistic view of man.


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