Civil Society

Personalism is characterized by a strong focus on the mediating party between the state and the private sphere, namely civil society. Practically all principles of personalism come into play here: Here is focus on relationships, on the engaged person, on human dignity and on the whole human person, as well as a break with systematic thought.

In his book “Frivillighedens velfærdssamfund” (The welfare-society of voluntarism) social director Knud Aarup gives one of the latest and best suggestions as to how volunteer work can be incorporated more profoundly into Danish society.

Frivilligraadet (The National Council for Volunteering (Denmark))

Newspaper articles:
Samfundet er større end staten (Society is larger than the state)
Den sunde balance mellem ansvar og pligt (A balance between responsibility and duty)
Venstrefløjen skal satse på det frivillige potentiale (The left wing must concentrate on the voluntary potential)