1st World Conference on Personalism

The first World Conference on Personalism was held from 1 to 5 August, 2022 in Mexico at Anahuac University Mexico.

It was a combination of The 16th International Conference on Persons and the VI Congreso Iberoamericano de Personalismo that join for the first time. The objective was to bring together the world’s academics who investigate the subject of the person and personality.

Interviews from the conference:

Juan Manuel Burgos

PhD Juan Manuel Burgos is a spanish personalist philosopher . He is professor at the University San Pablo CEU (Madrid) and member of the Jaques Maritain International Institute. Burgos has been a guest professor at universities in Rome, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala and Colombia. He is founder and actual president of the Spanish Association of Personalism.

James Beauregard

PhD James Beauregard is associated professor at Rivier University. He specializing in geriatric neuropsychology. He works as a clinician in a geropsychiatry practice and also teaches at graduate level in the areas of Biological Bases of Behavior, Ethics, Aging and Educational Neuroscience. He is a member of the International Neuroethics Society and the International Conference on Persons.

Ignacio Alpizar

BA in Psychology Ignacio Alpizar is from Costa Rica and have a particular interest in social psychology and the work with operative and therapeutic groups. He is passionate for human rights and the work with social vulnerable communities and environmental activism.

Anthony Howard

PhD Anthony Howard University of Notre Dame, Australia. Anthony is a global CEO mentor and coach and work with leadership in theory and praxis with a personalistic approach. In 2015 Anthony wrote the book Humanise about human-centred leadership.

Angela Michelis

Angela Michelis professor in philosophy at the University of Turin. She is also actibe in the italian Association for the Philosophy of the Person.

Ruth Ramos Barragán

Ruth Ramos Barragán has a degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Political Science and Management from Univerity of Puebla, Mexico. She has studied philosophical anthropology, tutoring and accompaniment and management skills.

Josh Taccolini

Josh is PhD-Student from Saint Louis University, has studied phenomenology and is inspired by Levinas. He writing of “Empathy as solution to the problem of constituting an irreducible other”.

Randall Auxier

Randall Auxier is professor of philosophy and communication at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. His interest in philosophical personalism led him to become editor of The Personalist Forum. Randall is a main figure in the american personalism.